What is Operator Qualification?

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We will get your workforce Operator Qualified and maintain qualification for any covered task related to the natural gas, propane, and hazardous liquid pipeline industries.

What is Operator Qualification (OQ)?

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations require those who perform covered tasks on gas facilities be qualified by their knowledge and experience in order to protect life and property.

What is a Covered Task?

Covered tasks are defined in an operator’s written plan which defines specific job functions or activities personnel are qualified to perform on a pipeline facility. In order for an activity to be considered a covered task, the following must apply:

  • The activity is to be performed on a pipeline facility;
  • The activity is a maintenance or operations task;
  • The activity is required by either DOT 49 CFR 192 or 195;
  • The activity will affect the pipeline’s operation or integrity

The OQ Rule

DOT requires pipeline operators to develop and maintain a qualification program to address the following nine protocols:

  1. Document program plan, implementing procedures and qualification criteria
  2. Identify covered tasks and related evaluation methods
  3. Identify individuals performing covered tasks
  4. Evaluate and qualify individuals performing covered tasks
  5. Continued/periodic evaluation of individuals performing covered tasks
  6. Monitor program performance; seek improvement opportunities
  7. Maintain program records
  8. Manage change
  9. Field verification