Safetek Training Services

Safety Training

Plant EmployeesYour compliance is Safetek’s mission. Keeping track of industry safety standards and regulatory requirements can become a monumental task. With Safetek, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your training programs meet or exceed all requirements for DOT/Operator Qualification, general safety training and OSHA regulations.

Consulting & Safety (ISNetworld, PICS, Veriforce, NCMS) Database Management

We know that continuously ensuring workplace safety is heavily reliant on learning from past incidents.  Safetek works closely with the world’s most utilized safety and audit data management services including ISNetworld, PICS, Veriforce, and NCMS. We can ensure your safety data is properly documented and updated to meet your clients’ safety requirements.

Pipeline/DOT Compliance Services

With a team of highly experienced pipeline safety professionals, Safetek can help develop a program to properly maintain and track documentation of audits, driver files, driver logs, and Operator Qualification (OQ). Our trainers understand that managing OQ, dealing with employee turnover, and keeping crews ready to respond to clients’ needs can be challenging. Working with all of the major OQ providers currently accepted in the industry, we can provide fast and efficient OQ solutions.

In addition, if your company requires new documents to demonstrate compliance, Safetek offers an array of document writing services including policies, Site-Specific Safety Plans, JSA Services and Emergency Response Plans. Safetek specializes in contractor compliance assistance for all of the major operators in the oil and gas industry. From integrity work to large new construction pipeline projects, we can assist with all aspects of project compliance.

Audit & Program Development Services –

Third Party Desktop Safety Auditing Services

A safe workplace is a more productive workplace. Safetek provides complete audit and program development services to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our team can help you prepare for client-specific safety audits and complete post-audit action plans. Our consultants and safety experts are continuously staying abreast of the latest requirements to ensure your training programs are in compliance and have the best potential to reduce accidents and incidents.

We provide turnkey Quality Assurance/Quality Control audit services, including on-site inspections and procedure reviews. Safetek can implement a wide range of QA/QC plans to support your continued adherence to the most current standards and regulatory requirements.

Preventative Programs

Safetek understands that jobsite safety is of paramount importance to the health and well being of your employees and your company’s productivity. We’ll help you develop programs for on-site safety meetings, JSA implementation and Behavior Based Safety solutions.

If an accident does occur, we’ll provide accident investigation services and help in the creation of effective Corrective Action Plans to prevent future accidents or incidents. With our unique Root Cause Analysis methods, we can identify specific jobsite hazards and educate your employees on the reduction and/or elimination of these hazards – making your jobs as safe as possible.

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