Kinder Morgan New TQ Requirements FAQ’s

Midstream TQ Client FAQ
What other clients are currently using Midstream TQ?
 Colonial Pipeline and Kinder Morgan are currently the two clients that are using the Training
Qualifications tool in ISNetworld to track additional safety information on their contractors.
What activities are required of my contractors by the May 6th, 2016 deadline?
 Midstream TQ is a phased implementation and only the CORE training activity is required to be
completed by May 6th. Future communications will outline the action required for phase 2.
What circumstances warrant an override? Do contractors initiate it or the client?
 The contractor will not be able to initiate, this is for the client internally and will only be applied by the
client. Its main function is an emergency override to allow the client to have the ability to get a contractor
onsite and without them having to take all the trainings at that point in time. It will be used sparingly at the
client’s discretion and we do not expect for it to be used often.
Why are we requiring both OQ and TQ for our contractors?
 OQ is only for DOT covered tasks, TQ is used to track basic trainings on all contractors and their
employees. These are also awareness trainings and do not constitute a competent person. As the TQ
matrix is based off OSHA requirements and industry standards, there is an expectation that the contractor
should have most of these trainings in the first place.
How will we as clients be tracking this information?
 This is up to the discretion of each client, however it has been communicated that contractors will be
required to submit TQ Reports to clients. At a future date contractors will need to have them readily
available when coming onsite.
What contractors are required for this initiative?
 This is a requirement for all connected contractors in ISNetworld. If you do not believe the contractor
should be required to submit information to you as a client, then it is up to the client to inactivate the
Our contractors are telling us that this information is proprietary and they cannot give out this information.
 The only information that is required to be entered into ISNetworld is the employee’s name, the training
they received, and the date. No documents are required to be submitted.
Why are there 4 activities (CORE, Barge, NDT, and Office Worker) on the TQ report when contractors are only
submitting CORE?
 Since Barge, NDT, and Office Worker have no activity specific trainings, their qualification methods are
the same as the CORE training. Once a contractor is qualified for CORE, they will also be qualified for
those 4 activities, even if they are not assigned to that activity.
What is the “Hiring Client Specific Contractor Orientation (If Applicable)”?
 This is a qualification specific to each client that represents contractor orientations. For Kinder Morgan,
contractors are responsible uploading this qualification once they have completed the
orientation. Colonial will be responsible for uploading this qualification for their contractors.
Can contractors be qualified through in-house trainings?
 Yes – contractors have the ability to qualify in-house or even by other providers and they would add those
trainings accordingly. If a contractor’s in-house training covers all the components of Core, they have the
ability to upload the “New/Annual Employee Orientation” to qualify for all of Core.